Learn About Our Meal Plans!

Here is all the information you need to know when it comes to meal plans. You can also reach out to foodservices@ursinus.edu or check out our FAQ page for any meal plan questions!
Meal Swipes are your best friend when it comes to Resident Dining. One swipe is all it takes to enter the Wismer Center Dining Hall for an all you can eat experience. Students can swipe twice per meal period, for a maximum of 6 swipes per day. Swipes can also be used at Zack's Food Court locations as well as Natural! Each meal swipe has an equivalency of $7.50. Equivalency swipes can be used twice per meal period, and a maximum of 10 times per week. Meal Swipe Guides are provided to help guide students in their spending.
Dining Dollars are additional funds included with your Block Meal Plan. Dining Dollars are accepted at all dining locations across campus and do expire at the end of each semester. Dining Dollars can be used to swipe into Wismer Center Dining Hall for $7.50 in Dining Dollars. Dining Dollar Guides are provided to help guide students in their spending.

Bear Bucks are a declining balance purse that can be added to a student ID card and grant the shopper a 10% discount on each purchase at on-campus dining venues. Bear Bucks are accepted at all dining locations, the campus bookstore and network printing.


Students are placed placed in the 320 Block Plan at the start of the semester.  Students who wish to make a change to their dining plan may do so at https://bearbucks.ursinus.edu during the add/drop period.

As first-year residential students transition to campus life, we want to make sure that they have the most flexibility in their dining experience, so they are required to be on the 320-block meal plan for their first semester.

All students enrolled in a meal plan can sign up for Ursinus Dining's Sustainable To-Go Program for free! Students can sign up at the register in Upper Wismer to receive a reusable to-go container and cup. Students are responsible for returning a used container or cup to swap out for a new one, free of charge as many times as they want! Students who lose, or damage a container or cup, can purchase a new one for $5.00 each.